The bottle of the KAP-Arctic can be standing too,
pumping is easier than in the vertical position.

The fitting of the Patria burner of the KAP-Arctic is made to be used in the Trangia. The long intake hose of the pump
reaches to the bottom of a
1 litre bottle.

Weights of assembly
: 986g empty without preheating equipment.
Burner 289g, spindle with wheel 44g, pump + hose 127g, bottle 108g.

Kap-Arctic by Peter Ask in Swedish and English


Optimus 11 Explorer

Explorer standard set. Volume of the bottle 0.6 litres. The pump has existed in two different types. Here an earlier model with the air valve.


Cobra burner of the Explorer equipped with a DIY Trangia adapter. The adapter can be purchased factory-made too.

Explorer installed in the Trangia. The bottle
(here 1 litre) has to be in horizontal position.

Weights of Trangia assembly
: 954g empty without preheating equipment.
Burner + hose + adapter 238g, multikey 42g, pump 121g, bottle 135g.

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