Bending instructions for Burner Adapter

Bend the lower bracket with fingers and tongs to the right angle.

The small tongues in the middle of the brackets are not bent at this point.

Fit the adapter into its place in the Trangia wind shield and adjust bendings if needed.


Bend the nibs of the brackets with the tongs inwards so that the locking tongues turn a couple of millimeters outwards from the brackets.

Test again in the Trangia that the adapter is locked easily to its place.

Bend the upper brackets up, again to the right angle.
Bend the nibs of the upper brackets to the angle about 45 degrees so that the small tongue turns out.
Fit the burner with the adapter into its place and do the fine adjusting.

Drill a hole to the wind shield for the outer spindle or multikey.

Drilling instruction


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